14. Manual Refractometer Iref

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Manual Refractometer

An Innovative Solution For Primary Eye Care


Estimate refractive error

Evaluate astigmatism

Estimate far vision

Ideal solution for primary vision care, myopia management, vision screening, and post-operative visual acuity evaluation at home

Portable, light-weighted, can be used anytime, anywhere

innovative Design

The integration of creativity and technology helps to make refractive error screening instantly learnable and intuitive.

Quick and Easy-to-use

Simply look into the device and rotate the dial, until the small eye chart comes into focus. The number on the screen indicates the strength of the glasses the user needs.


The compact design and light weight makes the iRef® extremly portable. It can be carried anywhere by anyone, ready to be used at any moment of the day.

Eye health Record Management from Mobile

Manage your eye care records in our mobile application “Eyecare”.


Suitable forChildren, adolescents, and adults
Spherical equivalent range-12D to +6D
Spherical degree of tolerance±0.25D
LightingLED back-lighting is uniformity, constant, not reflective and not dazzling
PowerThree AAA batteries
Net weight195g
Size185mm(L) x 47mm(W) x 55mm(H)
Product ClassificationClass 1 Medical Device (Non-invasive, Non-contact with blood)

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