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FCP-17 Auto Chart Projector is a precision optical instrument for accurate refraction. It provides 30 different charts and 35 masks, with programmable remote control. Duochrome test charts to check single and binocular vision, and polarized test charts to check binocular vision and ocular muscle imbalance. Specifications: Projection distance 1.5~6 m Projection magnification 30 x (at […]

FCP-16 is a multi-function instrument,which provided excellent design,simply operation,and quick inspections techonical vision. Body rotation and flexible Spherical Pillarless projector to facilitate multi-angle rotation Filter function Filter function can be realized red / green display Clear picture High-definition projection screen Specifications: Type  Snell-en Compatible Charts feature 33 Charts  (randomly accessible )with 5 different types (Letters, […]

1.Using the new generation of optical system and using screw to focus,Makes focus more convenient and accurate. 2.Improving the electrical control mode,makes the visual target switching speed have further improved,at the same time,the more accurately and no more tremble. 3.Using the new generation of optical system,to solve the problem of fogging and dust accumulation is […]

Features: ■ 19-inch high contrast and bright display ■ Precise distance adjustment. ■ Smooth and quiet operation ■ Easy mounting ■ Wireless Remote control ■ No bulb replacement ■ Wide test range ■ Contrast adjustment Specifications:  Display: 19” LCD (color) Brightness   250 cd/m2 Chart versions E, C, ABC, 123, c hild, special version charts Chart acuity 6/3-6/150  20/10-20/500  0.04-2.0 Distance 2.0 ~ 7.0m Power supply Input: AC110~220V AC±10%,50/60Hz Power consumption <=45w Dimension 455mm (L) x 420mm(W) x 110mm(H) […]

The tester’s Vision Test Software customized in accordance with national standards, can be detected on the person’s eyesight, visual associated myopia, hyperopia, color blindness, astigmatism and other tests. This is a professional visual software widely used in optical shop,hospital and just need to installed on the common household LCD computer(14 inch,17 inch,19 inch are all […]

17 inch XGA Panel with LED backlit screen New CNT test,which is more scientific,effective,and directive. NT curve will be formed   and displayed om the screen when the test is finished. Better user experience—-all tests icons are listed on home interface Quick test list —Pick ten or less frequently used tests to establish your own […]

1) Includes polarizing test, can do double eyes balance test 2) Red & Green deepness adjustment 3) Contrast test 4) Color blind: ISHIHARA test 5) Mirror test 6) Rand-oct: number randomize 7) Many kinds of language are available 8) Screen brightness adjustment 9) Auto shut off time adjustment 10) Update the software by SD card […]

Feature: * Indicate the images immediately when turn on the screen. * Software and information are retained when power is turned off. * Update the software by SD card which behiind the monitor. * It can link with our AV serives auto phoropter ( Model#: FVT-13,FVT-14) * Four units can be operated at the same […]

Features: Much thin, plastics cover More fast speed Remote control select using distance Specifications: Charts 44 charts(with red and green) Record method 1.0, in feet 20/20 Distance 2M, 2.5M, 3M, 3.5M, 4M, 4.5M, 5M adjustable MAGNIFING POWER 12X, 15X, 18X, 21X, 24X adjustable(distance 4m the magnifing power is 24X) Electricity AC 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ  

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