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The product is smart,compact, portable and applicable in various operations. Detailed profile Characteristics: Smart and compact body allow easy mobility. Three-step magnifications. Spring balance system of arm ensures the microscope move freely. All the lens are multi-coated, mildewproof and anti-reflective. Objectives with different focus and various accessories are optional.It can be applied in ENT, Surgery and Gynaecology. Specifications: Eyepiece Magnifications 12.5× Adjustable Diopter ±5D Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance 50mm~70mm Objective Lens f=200 Working Distance 190mm Magnifications 6X  10X  16X Illumination Source 12V/100W,cold reflection halogen lamp for medical use Illumination Type 6°cold light source coaxial illumination Coaxial Illumination ≥10000lx Reach Radius of Arm 860mm Adjustable Vertical Range 850mm~1100mm Voltage AC220V±10%/ 50Hz±1Hz、AC110V±10%/60Hz±1Hz Power 120VA Fuse AC250V T1.25A 、AC125V T2.5A Electrical Safety Standard Executive Standard:IEC601-1,Class I, Type B Packing Volume 0.283m3,2cartons Total Gross Weight […]

YZ20P5 microscope is a simple binocular coaxial microscope for a single man. The microscope is small, light and convenient. It has a high agility and can cater the requirements for general ophthalmology operation. The microscope fits mobile medical treatment. Characteristics: The mirrors adopt multi-plated technology, the transmissivity enhanced, and the mildew prevented. The microscope can […]

The product is a simple coaxial illumination operation microscope for one man. It is portable,compact and applied in mobile hospital. Detailed profile Characteristics: • Binocular operation microscope designed for single man can meet the requirements of general ophthalmic surgery. • Germany optical lenses are all multi-coated. Image is clear and view field is even. • 6°+0 coaxial illumination provides the red reflex. • Reaching radius of microscope arm increases to 1030mm ,which provides surgeon larger operation range. • Cortical remnants on the posterior capsular can be clearly observed by the 6°+0° coaxial illumination. • Position screw can protect the arm at any location from moving. Specifications: Eyepiece Magnification 12.5× Objective Focus f=200 Working Distance 190mm Magnification for Main Microscope 5.3×、8×、12× steps Diameter of Field F37mm、F25mm、F16.7mm Diopter Adjustment ±7D Pupil Distance 50mm~80mm Maximal Resolution 100 LP/mm Illumination Source 12V/100W,cold reflection medical halogen bulb Illumination Type 6°+0°cold light coaxial illumination Coaxial Illumination […]

The product is a double binocular operation microscope designed for two men.Assistant binocular can also be switched as opponent binocular.It is applicable in ophthalmic surgery and hand surgery. Detailed profile Characteristics: Assistant microscope can be rotated to opponent microscope. Internal beam splitter can be connected with teaching tube and CCD system. Equipped with three different objective lenses(f200/f250/f300)and applicable in ophthalmic surgery,orthopedic surgery  and hand surgery. Oblique illumination can also be used as slit illumination and slit width is adjustable. Specifications: Eyepiece Magnifications 12.5×/18B Diopter Adjustment ±7D Pupil Distance 50mm~75mm Magnifications for Main Microscope f200: 4X  6X  10X  16X  25X f250: 3.2X  5X  8X  12.8X  20X f300:2.7X  4.2X  6.7X  11X  17X Magnifications for Assitant Microscope f200: 6X  10X  16X f250: 5X  8X  12.8X f300: 4.2X  6.7X  11X Maximal Resolution 112 LP/mm Illumination Source 12V/100W, Cold Reflection Halogen Bulb for Medical Use Illumination Type 6°+0°coaxial illumination of cold light source […]

The product is a double binocular operation microscope designed for two men.It has excellent optical performance and it is comfortable to be used. Detailed profile Characteristics: Advanced apochromatic technology and unique optical balanced technology effectively improves the binocular visual fusions, strengthenes in third dimension and reduces surgeon’s tireness during operations.  Fine focusing knob is under the bottom of assistant binocular. The observation of the assistant’s microscope can be finely focused independently of the main microscope to avoid different observation from surgeons. 20°oblique illumination can also be used as slit illumination. Slit width is continuously adjustable. For ophthalmic use Specifications: Eyepiece Magnification 12.5×/18B Objective Lens f=200 Working Distance 190mm Magnifications for Main Microscope 4×、6×、10×、16×、25× Magnifications for Assistant Microscope 6×、10×、14× Diameter of Field 58mm、38mm、23mm、14mm、9mm Diopter Adjustment ±7D Pupil Distance 50mm~75mm Maximal Resolution 119 LP/mm Focusing Range for Assistant Microscope ≥30mm Illumination Source 12V/100W,Cold Reflection Halogen Bulb for Medical Use Illumination Type 6°+0°coaxial illumination of cold light sourceand 20°Oblique Illumination (It can be used as slit illumination) Slit Width is adjustable Coaxial Illumination […]

Compact structure and complete functions.  Detailed profile Characteristics: •Compact structure and complete functions. •4×~24×zoom magnifications,horizontal movement of foot control and fine focusing. •Germany imported Schott optics ensure the sharp image and even field of view. •Applied in operations and fine examinations of ophthalmology,ENT ,surgery,etc. Specifications: Eyepiece Magnification 12.5×/16B Diopter Adjustment ±6D Pupil Distance 50mm~75mm Visual Angle of Eyepiece 30°~90°(Eyepiece moving between 0°~180°is optional ) Magnifications for Main Microscope (Diameter of Field) 4×~24×(41.5mm~7.5mm) Objective Lens f=200(f=175/250/300 is optional) Maximal Resolution 119LP/mm Working Distance 190mm Illumination Source 15V/150W,Medical Cold-reflection Halogen Bulb Illumination Type 6°+0° Coaxial Illumination Coaxial Illumination ≥40,000lx Filters Orange filter(cobalt filter is optional) Reaching Radius of Arm 1020mm Adjustable Vertical Range 250mm Fine Focusuing Range and Speed 30mm,≤2mm/s Speed for X-Y and Range 50mm×50mm,≤2mm/s Input Voltage AC220V±22v/ 50Hz±1Hz、AC110V±11v / 60Hz±1Hz Power 200VA Fuse T2AL 250V (51S-040H)、T4AL 125V (51S-080L) Electrical Safety Standard Executive Standard:GB9706.1-2007、Class I Packing Volume 0.418m,  2cartons […]

SOM2000D operation microscope is a double binocular microscope. The main microscope has zoom magnification system、foot control switch, it can bring the clear image, the instrument is available and flexible for ophthalmology operation. Characteristics: Germany imported Schott optics ensures the surgeon bright, balanced, and fine observation. Apochromatic technology used in the optical design, ensures coaxial light […]

The product is an advanced double binocular operation microscope designed for two men, with the illumination source of 100W medical Xenon lamp and -2°+6°coxial illumination.It is applicable in various complicated operations. Detailed profile Characteristics: •It provides an amazingly clear, fine observations by using Xenon light source. •-2 °+6° coxial illumination greatly improves the intension and range of red light reflex. •UV-proof and heat absorption reduces the harm to intraocular tissues and make the patient feel more comfortable. • Germany imported Schott optics ensure the surgeons a bright, balanced and fine observation. • Apochromatic technology used in the optical design, ensures coaxial light focus and makes a clearer field of view. •Lock device under the microscope arm prevents accident from happening. •Fine focusing knob is under the bottom of assistant binocular. The obervation of the assistant’s microscope can be finely focused independently from the main microscope, to avoid the different observations from the surgeon. Specifications: Eyepiece Magnification 12.5×/18B Objective Lens f=200 Working Distance 170mm Magnification for Main Microscope 4.6×-27×, motorized and manual control, Continuous Magnification Magnification for Assistant Microscope 6×、10×、16× Diameter of Field φ46mm ~φ8.5mm Diopter Adjustment […]

  SOM2000E Operation Microscope Electromagnetic lock and balance technology of the microscope ensure the easy operation and stable orientation. Specification Optics lens The material of the optics lens on the instrument are imported from Schott Glass Technologies, the surfaces have multilayer coating and high transparency, the image is clear and bright,  the lens have long […]

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