About Us

Crescent Health Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributors in the field of ophthalmic products. We are located in Shanghai city, this is the one of the most important city in China . With the excellent location brings us a lot of benefits for development of our business.

Crescent Health is based on our ability to supply the finest ophthalmic instruments at the best possible value for our customers. Most of our products have passed CE certification for requirement of European Market, and some products also gain the FDA approval to be launched in American market.  And moreover, we are always keeping innovation on products and services.

There are 6 main products series in our selling range.

  1. Glasses
    ( Acetate Frames, Metal Frames, Sunglasses, Kids Glasses, Glasses Display)
  2. Ophthalmology Equipment
    (Optical Coherence Tomography, Ultrasound A/B Scan & Biometer, Visual Field Screen, Fundus Camera, and so on.)
  3. Optometry Equipment
    (Auto Refractometer, Auto Phoropter, Auto Lens Meter, Chart Projector, Slit Lamp, PD meter and so on)
  4. Optical Lab Instrument
    ( Lens driller, Lens edger, Frame Heater, UV Meter, and so on)
  1. Eye Surgical Product
    (Operation Microscope, Eye Surgical Instruments, Eye Surgical Drape & Pack, Operating Table and so on)
  1. Relevant Medical Product
    ( Sterilizer, Patient Monitor and so on)

We are always searching for the most cooperators to bring our products to those patients who need them in real and help them to find back eye health again. “Your health, We care”, this is our hope, is also the hope for every doctor who are using our products. We will never give up our effort to realize it and wait for your coming to join in us.

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