01. A Scan & Pachymeter SW-1000A/P

A Scan & Pachymeter

SW-1000A/P Portable Ophthalmic A scan 

SW-1000A/P ophthalmic A scan has macular recognition function, can accurately measure axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, as well as intra-ocular lens calculation.

SW-1000A/P ophthalmic A scan has central area and the peripheral areas gain automatical compensation capability, accurate measurement of central and peripheral comeal thickness, is widely used in the preoperative examination and postoperative effect evaluation of refractive surgery.


1. A scan & Pachymeter

2. Touch screen, plastic case, light weight

3. 6 formula

4. Choice of appalanation or immersion


Specification: ( A Scan)

Probe: 10MHz import small size probe bulit-in luminotron
Measuring range: 15mm-40 mm
Measurement precision: ±0.05mm with macula lutea trace function
Measurement: Anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body length, total length and average
Method of measurement: immersion and contact
Eye Mode:Phakic/ Aphakic/Dense/ various IOL
Enter te name& ID: easy to check archive
Store: 10 cases(eyes), 5 reading each case
Output: A scan waveform and IOL calculation sheet
Curve Freeze:  control by foot switch auto freeze and manual freeze.
Display:  Large LCD
Input: Touch screen

Specification: (Pachymeter)
Probe: 20MHZ, angle of 45 degrees makes easier operation;
Precision: +-0.01mm;
Measuring range: 0.3mm~1.2mm;
Each ID can save 10 groups of data, and each group is the average of 20 measures;
ID could be input and easy to check;
Output: Internal thermal printer;
Indication: Big size chromatic LCD;
Input: Touch screen;
Gain adjusting: 0-127db;
Power Supply: AC 220 V±10%,50 Hz±2%;
Power: 30W+15%;
Specification of protective tube:F1AL250Vφ4×12mm;
Test results comply with GB9706.1-1995 Class I Type B and GB9706.9.




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