01. Auto Lens Beveller FLB-01

Automatic Lens Beveller with stainless steel clamp

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Available for automatic beveling rimless or half-frame glasses lens.

Detailed Product Description:

1. Chamfer angles of lenses can be controlled automatically precisely.

2. Suitable for plastic and glass lenses.

3. Atuomatic chamfering speed quickly.

4. With timing function(0 – 120seconds range).

5. FLB-01 made of stainless steel parts.


Electric Voltage: 220V/50Hz  or  110V/60Hz

Power: 80W

Weight: 2.9kg

Volume: 27(L)x23(w)x22(H)cm

FLB-1-2 FLB-1-3 FLB-1-1

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