01. Digital Lens Driller FLD-14

Digital Lens Driller

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1. The operation procedures are highly intelligent and totally digital.
2. Compared to the hole position of the pattern lenses,it has higher process accuracy whose process deviation is less than 0.075mm in both X-axis and Y-axis.
3. It has auto position clamping equipment which allows to remain the same process accuracy after the change of clamps.
4. The screen shows the drill position and coordinates data,and gives guidance to the operation.
5. The hole position memory function allows to process the set hole positions continuously.
6. There’re two measure modes to choose which are original pattern measure mode and frame position measure mode.
7. It has mirroring mode in the process.
8. The head can automatically reposition if it’s removed from its position accidently.
9. The instrument drills automatically in a set order,and can be corrected by pressing the number button if any hole is missed by wrong operations.



Application: quickly drilling and milling the lense

Drilling speed:0-5000RPM

The drilling bit’s eccentricity tolerance: 0.03mm

Moving range (max):X-axis 155mm, Y-axis 38mm

Moving rated load: X-axis 50kg, Y-axis 3okg

Clutch suction force (max): 1.5kg

Resolution of the encoder: less than 0.07mm

Clmaping capacity: ≥0.7kg

Electric voltage: AC 110-240V/50/60Hz  DC24V


Net weight:5.0kg

Volume:302mm x 228mm x 270mm








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