01.Operation microscope SOM2000E

ophthalmic operation,b neurosurgical,ENT, Cardio-Thoracic Surgical operations, etc.can be connected with CCD(Viedo camera).

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SOM2000E Operation Microscope

Electromagnetic lock and balance technology of the microscope ensure the easy operation and stable orientation.


  • Optics lens

The material of the optics lens on the instrument are imported from Schott Glass Technologies, the surfaces have multilayer coating and high transparency, the image is clear and bright,  the lens have long service life

  • 6°±2°coaxial illumination

Use the 6°±2°coaxial illumination technology , has better illumination and bigger area of red-reflex , the back capsule of the lens is more clear during the operation period.

  • multi-layer filters

The illumination system equipped multi-layer filters, UV、IR filters are used to arrest the heat energy; and also has yellow spot protecting filter、redfree filter、illumination damage prevented filter etc.

  • Electromagnetic lock

Electromagnetic lock and balance technology ensure the easy operation and stable orientation.

  • Optional accessories

Aspherics and BIOM added on objective could meet the demands of vitreo-retinal operations.

  • delicacy and massiness

The modeling line of the instrument is smooth, both the mechanical parts and the optical systems are well designed. Not only are the balance arm and the motive base massive, but the art of the combination of function and beauty.

  • agility arthrosis

The instrument adobe the space balance technique, both the microscope part and the balance arm can be moved easily to any directions.

Technique parameter


Main microscope
Total magnification(main)4.6×~27×
Diameter of visual field(mm)Φ8.5~Φ46mm
Assistant microscope
Total magnification6.2×, 9.3×, 14×
Object lens
Working distanceF=200mm
F=250mm/300mm/350mm/400mm object lens are optional.
Magnification of eyepiece12.5×/18B
The adjustable range of diopter±6D
The height of eyepiece cover18mm
Binocular tube
Visual angle of main scope30°~90°
Visual angle of assistant scope45°
The adjustable range of pupil distance55mm~75mm
Light sourceMedical halogen bulbs
Brightness adjustmentLevel 1 to level 9
Illumination mode6°and 6±2°coaxial illumination
Illumination maximum intensityNot less than 50,000Lx
The parameter of position adjustment
Maximum stretch radius of microscope arm1320mm
Vertical movement range880mm~1420mm
(from floor to the front surface of objective)
Fine focusing distance≥50mm
Fine focusing speed≤2mm/s
Moving range of coordinate device50mm×50mm
Moving speed of coordinate device≤2mm/s
Electric parameter
Input voltageAC220V±10%/50Hz±1Hz
Input power480VA
Fuse tubeT5.0AL 250V (51S-050H)
T10.0AL 125V (51S-0100L)
Electrical safety standardExecutive standard IEC601-1 Type B, Kind I
Bulbs15V/150W cold-reflex halogen lamps
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