01. Optical Coherence Tomography FCT-01

Optical Coherence Tomography (Anterior and Posterior Segment, SLO live fundus image with CE)

FCT-01 is an intelligent SD-OCT and Line Scanning Ophthalmoscope (LSO) combined system with informative outputs, remarkable user interface, exquisite design and reliable quality.


Macular HD line

high definition OCT imaging reveals small lesions

Macular Six-line Radial

Having a glimpse of the retina with HD imaging and quick data analysis

Macular Cube

A point-by-point assessment of retinal thickness with a 500*100 dense cube


Glaucoma (Macular)

Glaucoma (Disc)

Informative Report


En-Face Analysis

Network System



OCT Image
Methodology Spectral domain OCT
Optical source Super luminescent diode(SLD), 840mm
Scan speed 36,000 A-scans per second
Axial resolution(optical) 5 microns( optical), 2.7 microns (digital)
Tranverse resolution 15 microns( optical), 3 microns (digital)
A-scan depth 2.3mm
Diopter range -20 to +20 diopters
Scan patterns Macula:HD line scan(6 or 12mm),3D scan(6*6mm), 6-line scan(6mm)
Disc:3D scan (6*6mm)
Anterior segment: 6-line radial scan,HD line scan (6*6mm)
Fundus Imaging
Methodology  Line scanning ophthalmoscope (SLO)
Frame rate 10 fps
Minimum pupil diameter 3.0mm
Field of view 50 degrees
Software analysis
Macula Retina thickness analysis; Progressive analysis
3D view;  En-face analysis
Glaucoma Ganglion cell analysis; Cup-disk analysis
RNFL analysis; Ou comparative analysis
progression analysis
Anterior segment Manual Measurement; Corneal thickness analysis
Others DICOM conformance; Remote viewer software avilable
Electrical and physical
Weight 29kg
Dimension 450(L)*250(W)*45(H)mm
Source voltage AC 100 0 240V
Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Power input 90VA





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