01. Portable Tonometer SW-500

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With vertical and horizontal two working modes, wireless output print data.

The equipment is used to measure intraocular pressure, using the principle of:
the probe hits the surfaces of different hardness at a certain speed,
has different reaction when the probe rebounds.

Be of advantages of high accuracy, portable, without anesthesia,
without the cross-infection etc.

Use a very light probe to contact the cornea at the monent to measure intraocular pressure accurately. And patients hardly feel the measure, so which does not cause corneal reflex usually.

 Features :
1.It’s a handset device: small, portable and proven to be accurate by several independent clinical studies, which also confirms the exceptional user and patient friendliness of this device

2.The probe has very less contact with patient, avoiding discomfort reaction.

3.Automatic exist function of probe

4.Easy and fast measuring with outstanding accuracy and consistency
without the need of anesthesia

5.One-time use of the probe to avoid cross-infection

6.Measurement can go along both in standing and lying posture

7.Wireless data printing

8.Esay to learn ,easy to use

9.Lightweight and handy

10.No anesthesia, avoiding discomfort reaction

* During every measurement, there are 3 measuring datas on the disaplay,
and the machine may calculate the average data automatically as the final result.

* With Infrared Printer — Print measring data by wireless transmission—Free

* With 100 pieces of probes — Free

* It may store 2000 medical cases of illness automatically.

1.Measure Range :3mmHg~70mmHg

2.Measure Error:
±1.5mmHg(3mmHg≤intraocular pressure≤25mmHg);
±2.5mmHg(25mmHg < intraocular pressure≤70mmHg;

3.Rating voltage: DC3V(2 AA Batteries)

4.Rating input power: 1VA

5.Net Weight: 2kg, Machine Demension : 22cm x 5.5cm x 9cm

6.Packing comes with a nice Aluminum handcase.
Gross Weight : 3.5kg, Packing Demension : 47cm x 42cm x 13cm









Wireless Printer:



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