02. Ophthalmic Drape

Ophthalmic Drape with 1 or 2 fluid collection pouch


Ophthalmic patient drape with aperture with integrated incision film and collection pouch
either on one side or on both sides

1. Material Available: SMS, SMMS(anti-blood,anit-alcohol,anti-staic), 2ply lamination, 3ply lamination

2. Colour: green or blue

3. size: 120x100cm with incision film, 9x9cm fenestration and 1 fluid collection pouch

4.pack: 1pc/sterile pack, 100pcs /ctn, size:60x4050cm, with EO sterilization

5. Function:

1.)Isolation:Isolating dirty, contaminated areas from clean areas.

2.)Barrier:Preventing fluid penetration.

3) Sterile Surface

Creating a sterile surface on the skin which acts as a barrier to prevent skin flora from migrating to the incision site.

4) Fluid Control

Channeling and collecting body and irrigation fluids.

Ophthalmic Drape(41102)

Ophthalmic Drape(41102)-1 Ophthalmic Drape(41102)-2



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