02. Sapphire Surgical Knife( Black diamond)( Code No.50102ZA)

Sapphire Surgical Knife( Black diamond)

SKU: Code No.50102ZA,50401ZA,50403ZA,50405ZA,50406ZA,50409ZA,50502ZA,50500ZA,50200ZA,50205ZA Categories: ,


● Blade is made of black diamond

● Handle is made of Titanium alloy

(catalog page 18)


Code No.SpecificationsDetailed View
50102ZATunnel knife, 2.8×0.25mm50102ZA
50401ZACurved,  2.8mm×0.2mm×60°50401 3 5 6ZA
2 cutting edges
50403ZACurved,  3.0mm×0.2mm×60°
2 cutting edges
50405ZACurved,  3.2mm×0.2mm×60°
2 cutting edges
50406ZACurved,  2.65mm×0.2mm×60°
2 cutting edges
50409ZACurved,  2.2mm×0.2mm×60°
2 cutting edges
50502ZAStraight, 1.0mm×0.25mm×60°50502ZA
2 cutting edges
50500ZAStraight, 1.0mm×0.25mm×35°
2 cutting edges
50200ZABi-facet blade, 1.0mm×0.2mm×30°50200ZA
50205ZABi-facet blade, 1.0mm×0.2mm×45°

sapphire surgical knife





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