02. Visual Field Screener ( Perimeter) FFS-02 (split type)

split type, can be connected to PC and laptop.


1 Test range:

Yellow spot test (central 0-10°)
Central 0-30°test
Quadrant test
Peripheral test (60-90°)
Scotoma test
Custom test
2 Test method:

Estimative test
Qualitative test
Auto threshold
Fast threshold
Full threshold
3 Eye position central cursor Eye position tracking & alarm
4 Print out: digital image, grey image, colorful image, angle image, standard image, comparison image, 3D image, statistic result, Bebie curve Document management
5 Technical Specification
Stimulus surface: hemispherical (radius: 380mm)
Wavelength: 580nm-650nm
Stimulus intensity: 2.5-1000 (asb)
Background intensity: 4 (asb)
Stimulus step: total 27 steps 1
Central sign diameter: 2mm
Stimulus points: 144(0-60°), 72(0-30°), 72(60-90°), 61(0-10°)
Chin-rest moving range: vertical 70mm, horizontal 90mm



Report Format:



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