03. A/B Scan ODU5

General Parameter:
1. Adopt ARM9 Embedded Control Systems, FPGA signal processing system and elaborate selected ultrasonic hardware system..
2. 10.4 inch high resolution LCD screen.
3. Menu operation Language: Chinese/English.
4. Double probe sockets.
5. A mode probe: 10MHz, imported probe with fixation light.
6. B mode probe: 10MHz, imported transducer.
7. Display mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/A, A.
8. Gains range: 0–120dB.
9. Dynamic range: 30-100dB, visual and adjustable.
10. Gray: 256.
11. Intelligent TGC adjustment: 8 segments.
12. Build-in D disk: 4GB, save mass data, images, reports, etc.
13. Report function: print screen, IOL report, case report with picture, etc.

A scan parameter:

Resolution: 0.01mm.
Gain adjustable: 0-120dB.
Measurement range: 12-43mm(1640m/s).
Accuracy: ±0.02mm.
Eye mode: normal/aphakia/dense cataract/PMMA, Acrylic & Silicon for Pseudo Phakic eyes.
Measuring Mode: Contact and Immersion, automatic and manual.
Measurement methods: A single-point measurement(under A mode); five-point measurement(under A mode).
Calculation: std. deviation, average, automatical measuring 8 groups and average, accompany waveform, results correctable.

B scan parameter:

Scan mode: High accuracy stepping motor drive sector scan.
Scan Angle: 53°.
Display Depth: 0~56mm.
Gray: 256.
Depth seletion: 8.
Frame correlation: 4.
Edge enhancement: 4.
Compression Curve: 4.
Post-processing: 8.
image storage: 100 frames permanent image storage.
General Measurement: multi-electronic-rule to measure distance, circumference, area(trace method, ellipse method),volume (ellipse method), angle , histogram, profile , stenosis and curvature etc.

Standard Configuration:

1 Main unit: 1 pc
2 10MHz mechanical sector B probe: 1 pc.
3 10MHz A probe : 1 pc.
4 Network cable: 1pc

Optional Configuration:

1 Large lithium battery 4400mAh
2 Trolley
3 Ethernet switch
4 Battery charger
5 Foot switch




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