04. Three-Mirror Lens

3 Mirror Gonioscopy Lens



Contact Diameter: 18mm

Lens Height: 21mm

Net Weight: 10g


This classic “Goldman” type lens has three mirrors angled at 59°, 67° and 73° to permit viewing of the peripheral fundus and anterior chamber angle. 36° of the posterior pole can be viewed through the center of the lens. Many heights and diameters are available.

3 Mirror Lens-4



1.3 Mirrors of 59°, 67° and 73° are arranged at 120° intervals.

2.The mirror of 59° is inclined for gonioscopic procedures. It may also be used for the observation of the vitreous and the fundus near the ora serrata.

3.The mirror of 67° is inclined to observe the peripheral fundus from the ora serrata to the region of the equator.

4.The mirror of 73° is inclined to observe the fundus from the equator to an area adjacent to the posterior pole.

5.The posterior pole can be observed through the central axis of the lens.

3 Mirror Lens-2

3 Mirror Lens-3

3 Mirror Lens 3 Mirror Lens-1

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