01. A Scan FAS-01

A Scan with LCD touch screen

Professional Ophthalmic A Scan with Touch Screen 

1.professional quality CE, ISO13485
2.LCD touch screen, table stand style
3.contact method, with immersion

Probe: 10MHz
Method:Contact, immersion( optional)
Storage: 8 groups
Accuracy: 0. 05mm
IoL Calculation: SRK-II,SRK/T Hoffer-Q, Holladay, SCDK,Haigis etc
Measure: ACD, Lens, Vitreous, Axial Length, and its Average
Modes: Manual, Automatic
Printer: Inner therma Printer
Display Monitor: High speed LCD
Report Data: Patient’s name, ID, Right/Left, Doctor’s name, Date, IOL Table



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