05. Lens Driller FLD-03

Lens Driller with grooving, aluminium pipe, with light or armrest , big power motor

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This machine is multi-functional special-purpose equipment for perforating
and grooving of rimless frame.

Detailed Product Description:

1.  Be made of aluminium pipe, with light ( armrest is for optional), big power motor.

2. It is most applicable to CR lens and PC lens to perforate and groove.

3. Opposing taper drill bits system allow hole to be drilled from sides simultaneously for precision placement and avoids chipping and breaking of all lenses, especially those made of glass.

4. The adjustable groove-cutting device to get accurate depth of groove cutting.

5. Diameter of hole: 0.8mm-2.8mm, widthe of groove: 0.8-1.0mm.


Electric Voltage: 220V/50Hz  or  110V/60Hz

Power: 25W

Weight: 3.5kg

Volume: 25.5(L)x23(w)x35(H)cm


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