06. Manual Lensmeter FLS-01


Hand Lensmeter measure lens dioptre directly and accurately, external reading type

Detailed Product Description:

The eyepiece focus range: ±5D

Top point dioptre measurement range: -20 D ~ + 20 D

Minimum measurement value: 0.125 D

The prism degree measurement range: 5 train

The prism’s value: 1 train

The prism shaft range: 0-180 °

The prism shaft’s value: 5 °

Measured by the biggest diameter lenses: 16 mm to 86 mm


Electric Voltage: 220V/50Hz /DC -3V  or  110V/60Hz /DC -3V

Power: 3W

Weight: 4kg

Volume: 27.5(L)x12(w)x43(H)cm


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