07. Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer, LS-HD series

Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Digital Display Automation

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l .Fully stainless steel structure
2.Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure
3.Door safety lock system
4.Digital display of working status,touch of key
5.Auto discharge the cool air,and steam discharging auto matically after sterilization
6.Over temperature&over pressure auto-protection
7.Safe protection of water lacking
8.Self-inflating type seal
9.Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization
10.Used for sterilization of medical instruments, medical cotton products.
11.Fully stainless steel  SUS304/AISI 304 -3mm
12.Possible to install drying system according request

Technical Data:

 technical dataLS-35HDLS-50HDLS-75HDLS-100HD
Chamber volume35L(φ318×450)mm50L(φ340×550) mm75L(φ400×600) mm100L(φ440×650) mm
 working pressure0.22MPa
Working temperature134℃
Max working pressure0.23 Mpa
Heat average≤±1℃
Timer0~99min  or 0~99hour59min
Adjustment of temperature105~134℃
Overall dimension450×450×1010(mm)510×470×1130(mm)560×560×1120 (mm)540×560×1250 (mm)
Transport dimension570×550×1150(mm)590×590×1280(mm)650×630×1280(mm)680×630×1370(mm)
G.W/N.W72Kg/56Kg88Kg/ 68Kg100Kg/ 80Kg110Kg/ 85Kg


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