08. Slit Lamp FSL-08

Slit Lamp Microscope (5 magnification with slit inclination )


Microscope Microscope Type Galilean stereoscopic microscope
Magnification selection 5 steps by drum rotation
Eyepiece 12.5X
Magnification Ratio(Field of view) 6X(33mm), 10X(22.5mm), 16X(14mm),
Pupillary Adjustment 50mm ~ 82mm
Diopter Adjustment + – 7D
Base Side Shift 110mm
Depth shift 90mm
Height shift 30mm
Chin rest Height Shift 80mm
Fixation Target Red LED
Illumination system Slit Width 0 ~ 14mm Continuous ( at 14mm , slit becomes a circle )
Slit Height 0 ~ 14mm Continuous
Slit Angle 0°  ~ 180°  adjustable
Slit Inclination 5º,  10º,  15º ,20º
Diameter of Light Spot Ø14mm, Ø10mm , Ø5mm, Ø3mm, Ø2mm, Ø1mm, Ø0.2mm and
 1 ~ 14mm Continuous
Filter Heat Absorption, Grey, Red-Free, Cobalt, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Anti-UV
Illumination Bulb 12v  50w  halogen lamp
Power Input Voltage 110V / 220V AC
Frequency 50 / 60 HZ
Power Consumption 68 VA
Weight and Size Gross Weight 18kg
Dimension 690mm(L) × 440mm(W) × 420mm (H)



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