17. Slit Lamp FSL-16

10X 16X 25X 12v, 30w halogen bulb

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Main Features

  • Parallel type, Galileo system
  • Haag-Streit type slit lamp with broad beam,wide field and high depth of field
  • 3 steps magnification
  • Interface for laser and applanation tonometer reserved


• AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope is intended for use in eye examination of the anterior eye segment, from the cornea epithelium to the posterior capsule. It is used to aid in the diagnosis of diseases or trauma which affect the structural properties of the anterior eye segment.

• This model gives the wonderful optical and mechanical performance.Provide most clearly and stereoscopic images for ophthalmologist and optician.


Microscope Type Parallel Galilean
 Magnification changer  Revolving the drum
 Eyepiece 12.5X
 Total magnification10X  16X  25X
 Diameter of Vision field φ23  φ14  φ8.7 (mm)
 Pupil adjusting range54 mm~82 mm
 Diopter adjustment -7D ~ +7D
Slit image width 0mm~14mm continuous
 Slit image length 1mm~14mm continuous
 Diameter of aperture φ14mm、φ10mm、φ5mm、φ3mm、φ1mm、φ0.2mm
 Slit angle 0~180 Rota table continuous
 Illumination tilting 5、10、15、20 totally 4 steps
 Filter Heat absorption, Grey, red free(Green), Cobalt blue
 Illumination  12v, 30w halogen bulb
 Fixation  Red LED 3.5V
 Power Input voltage  100~240V; Input frequency 48~62 Hz;
Input power 60VA
 Dimension 740*650*450mm   total 25kg
 Package Carton



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