32. Slit Lamp FSL-30

Slit Lamp Microscope Tower Style, Galileo Parallel; 5 magnifications (6x, 10x,16x,25x, 40x); with 12.5X eyepieces ; With Tonometer adapter; With Diffuse lens; With table top, without moto-table

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FSL-30 professional slit lamp microscope, with a large field of view, good scalability characteristcs.

1) The new design of high-quality micro platforms, operating handy;

2) High eye point, comfort, maximum 14mm spot checks greater extend of disease;

3) Five-step drum zoom design, easer to use, 6X,  10X, 16X, 25X, 40X magnification; corneal endothelial cells can be observed under 40X;

4) All optical lenses are made of imported materials, anti-moisture and anti-fog coating treatment in a variety of climatic conditions, which can ensure the long-term good optical effect;

5)Digital upgrade interface, you can upgrade to a digital slit lamp.


Microscope TypeGalileo Parallel
 Magnification changerDrum Five Magnifications
 Total magnification6X,  10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
 Diopter adjustment-5D ~ +5D
 IlluminationFive Steps (Stepless Optional)
Slit image width 0mm~14mm continuous
 Slit image length 1mm~14mm continuous
 Diameter of aperture φ14mm、φ10mm、φ5mm、φ2mm、φ1mm、φ0.2mm
 Slit angle 0°- 180° Adjustable
 Slit inclination angle 5°10°15°20°
 Light source High Light Source
 Filter Heat absorption, Grey, red free, Cobalt blue
 FixationRed LED
 Illumination German OSRAM Halogen Tungsten Lamp
 Input voltage 110V/220V (±10%)
 Input power 60VA
 Diffuse lens Yes
 Preset lens Yes
 Laser Interface Optional
 Applanation Tonometer Interface Yes
 Dimension 720*495*480mm
 Package Carton



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