37. Slit Lamp FSL-35

Digital Slit Lamp Microscope Tower Style, Galileo Parallel; Super optic System; 5 magnifications (6x, 10x,16x,25x, 40x); DSLR camera (24.1 Mega Pixel)+ Mutifunctional software +background Illumination + Flash System; With moto-table, without computer and printer; With multifunction joystick; With Yellow Filter; With Camera depth of field adjusting switch.

1)Stereo variator, best retinal view even through small pupils;
2)Professional optics with high definition digital SLR camera (24.1 Mega Pixels);
3)Special case storage system;
4)Professional image analyzing, processing and management system;
5)Flash illumination compensation system;
6)High definition video function;
7)Background illumination system;
8)Power box supplies camera power directly) without charging battery;
9)Super optical;
10)Top definition eyepiece;
11)Adjusting the illumination by Joystick, it is much easier to use;
12)Economic, high quality, low maintenance and depreciation.

New function:

1) Illumination control by Joystick

Multi-adjustment device, multiple filters combination

2) Eyepiece correction (Same focus)
3) Automatic image optimization (such as color, brightness)
4) Filter for corneal staining (Five different color is more easier for doctor to get best images)

5) Multi-adjustment device, multiple filters combination




 Microscope Type Galileo Parallel
 Image captring way Nikon D 5200 with high definiiton DSLR 24.1 Mega pixels
 Syncronous flash illumination

compensation system

 Coaxial background light system Yes
 Magnification changer Drum Five Magnifications
 Eyepiece 12.5X
 Total magnification 6X,  10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
 Diopter adjustment -5D ~ +5D
 Illumination Five Steps (Stepless Optional)
Slit image width  0mm~14mm continuous
 Slit image length  1mm~14mm continuous
 Diameter of aperture  φ14mm、φ10mm、φ5mm、φ2mm、φ1mm、φ0.2mm
 Slit angle  0°- 180° Adjustable
 Slit inclination angle  5°10°15°20°
 Light source  High Light Source
 Filter  Heat absorption, Grey, red free, Cobalt blue
 Fixation Red LED
 Illumination  German OSRAM Halogen Tungsten Lamp
 Input voltage  110V/220V (±10%)
 Input power  175VA
 Diffuse lens  Yes
 Preset lens  Yes
 Laser Interface  Yes
 Dimension  720*495*480mm
 Weight 25kg/21kg
 Package  Carton



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