40. Slit Lamp FSL-38

5 magnifications: 6×(Φ33mm), 10×(Φ22.5mm), 16× (Φ14mm), 25×(Φ8.8mm), 40×(Φ5.5mm)

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Imported Schott optics from Germany reduce optical distortion, increase clarity and depth of focus.

All the optical lenses are moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-reflected treated.

Excellent optical performance and long span usage.

Five-step drum magnification for eyepiece. Sclear vein could be observed under the 40× magnification.

All the joints can be connected by accessories with international standards.



Microscope TypeGalilean stereoscopic microscope
Objective MagnificationFive steps drum magnification
Eye Piece12.5x
Magnifications(Field of View)6×(Φ33mm), 10×(Φ22.5mm), 16× (Φ14mm), 25×(Φ8.8mm), 40×(Φ5.5mm)
Pupilary Adjustment55mm~75mm
Diopter Adjustment-5D~+3D
Slit Width0~9mm adjustable(slit is round when the slit width is 9mm)
Slit Height1mm~8mm adjustable
Aperture of Diameterφ9mm、φ8mm、φ5mm、φ3mm、φ2mm、φ1mm、φ0.2mm
Slit Angle0°~180° adjustable
Slit Inclination5°, 10°, 15°, 20°
Diameter of Light Spotφ9mm, φ8mm, φ5mm, φ3mm, φ2mm, φ1mm, φ0.2mm
FilterThermal safety, grey, red-free, cobalt blue
Illumination Bulb12V/30W Halogen Bulb
Input VoltageAC 220V/110V±10%
Electrical Safety StandardConform to IEC60601-1,Class I,Type B
Packing Volume720mm x 495mm x 480mm
Total Weight24Kg
Optional AccessoriesApplanation tonometer, measuring eyepiece, trihedron lens, gonioscope, funduscope, aspheric lens


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