01. A/B Scan CAS-2000B

A/B Scan

Easy to take
USB 2.0 compatible
Ultrasonic videoing workstation
B ultrasonic image dynamic playback
B ultrasonic videoing grey scale reaches 256
Software based on windows XP/ windows 7

Specification: (A Scan)
Probe:10MHz, red internal fixaction LED
Accuracy: 0.05mm
Review: A-scan measurements and statistics
IOL table calculation: SRK-Ⅱ, SRK/T, Hoffer-Q,Holladay, SCDK, Haigis
Measure: ACD, Lens, Vitrous, Axial length and its Average
Modes: Manual, Automatic
Information storage: Mass memory, Build-in case history
Memory Store 8 scans
Method: Contact, Immerison (optional)

Specification:(B Scan)
Probe: 10MHz
B-Scan model: 60 degree mechanic sector scan
Detect Depth>=50mm
Image storge: 10 frames
Dynamic Playback(recorded): 100 frames
Accuracy: Axial 0.2mm, Lateral less than 0.5mm
Gray scale: Levels 256
Display mode: B, B+B, B+A mode,
Image post processing: brightness, comparison, smooth, sharp, gray, stretch, equalize, etc



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