03. A Scan & Pachymeter OD1-AP

A Scan & Pachymeter

Product Description

1.  Light blue and white alternate design, select the user interface of the color matching, reduce the visual fatigue and protect your eyes;
2.  Built-in thermal printers, convenient and easy to use, information output at any time, meet the demand without an external printer;
3.  I-Station integrated workstation, complete data and waveform storage, report generation and printing function;
4.  There are two charging ways: host, independent charger, used for 10 hours;
5.  Unique design with nearly 20 years of manufacturing technology, increase the stability and accuracy of measurement;
6.  Multi-language operating system, and meet the need of different countries;
7.  Delicate small triangle shape, solid-light, weight 1.7 Kg;
8.  A convenient and practical one-key storage capabilities, to meet user’ s shortcuts;
9.  Huge amounts of data storage, recall conveniently.

OD1-AP Function:
1.   Show actual value and deviation at the same time
2.   Sensitive, convenient, accurate and fast measurement
3.   The probe service life is long, high cost performance
4.   Point and surface point measurement display
5.   Cabinet and delicate foot switch, convenient operation
6.   Calculate the calibration value of intraocular pressure (after achieving accurate intraocular pressure)
7.   Ultrasonic velocity and offset is adjustable, compare measuring results with other equipment easily
8.   5.7-inch color LCD touch screen, and user information can be easily input, more convenient and quick


1. Triangular model, portable and firm.
2. 5.7 “inch color LED touch screen.
3. Standard workstation software, easily for transfer and manage data.
4. Free software upgrade via USB interface.
5. Built-in thermal printer,information output conveniently.
6. Internal optional battery, practical for out-clinic diagnose.

7. P Scan
A. Probe frequency: 20 Mhz
B. Resolution: 1um
C. Measurement range: 0.23~1.3mm
D. Accuracy: ±5um

8.  A scan
A. Probe Frequency: 10 Mhz
B. Resolution: 0.01mm
C. Accuracy: ±0.02mm
D. Gain adjustable: 0-120dB
E. Measurement range: 15~35 mm (vel 1640m/s)
F. Measurements: ACD, Lens, Vitreous, and AXL
G. Examination modes: Normal, Aphakic, pseudophakic and dense cataract
H. Measurement mode: immersion and contact , auto and manual

9. Power requirement: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz | Rate power: <= 45 VA
10. Dimension: 200*168*165(mm,L*W*H)

Standard configuration:

1Main unit.
220.0MHz P probe.
10.0MHz A probe.
4Gage block for calibration.
5Touch screen pen.

Optional Configuration:

1Lithium battery
2Battery charger.
4Prager shell for Immersion




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