01. Auto Lensmeter LM-700

Using measurement of Hartmann theory; Printer of two dimension code; Integration printer,more convenient for replacing paper.

1)Using measurement of Hartmann theory,hundreds of measuring points makes the measurement easy and accurate.
2)Distribution measurement present you degree distribution of the lens.
3)Printer of two dimension code.
4)Integration printer,more convenient for replacing paper.

Technical Parameter:

Range of spherical degree -25m-1~+25m-1
Range of cylindrical degree -9.99m-1~+9.99m-1
Range of under plus degree -9.99m-1~+9.99m-1
Axis for astigmatism 00~1800
Range of prism basal angle 00~3600
Range of prism degree Horizontal direction 15△,vertical direction 20△
Measurale lens size Φ7~110mm
Measurable lens thickness ≤20mm
Measurable lens leg thickness 0~158mm
Measurable UV transmissivity yes
Measurable range of PD 30~100mm
Measurable range of PH 4~55mm
Power 220V 25VA
Power adapter AC110~220V
Size 203mmX240mmX480mm


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