15. Manaul Refractometer MRT-180

Manaul Refractometer for family use

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Streamline design and sttractive appearance
Metal material and gorgeous color. A variety of colors can be chosen.
Easy operation, suitable for children,adolescents and adults
Easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of occasions
Self-check, do not need others’ help
Professional website service, interaction, sharing, and vision data permanent preservation


Suitable for Children, adolescents and audlts
Color China Red(R), Sapphire(B), Harvest Yellow(G), Pink Drerm (P), Roland Purple(V),
Titanium crystal Gray(S)
Spherical range -12D to +6D
Spherical degree wide interval 0.5D
Spherical degree of tolerance > ±0.25D
Lighting LED backlight, and the light is uniformity, constant, not reflective and not dazzling
Switch mode LED lamp touch switch, instrument will shut down automatically after three minutes’
Power Three 7# batteries(AAA)
Service Professional service website, Users can input personal vision information, Forecasts
user’s vision direction according to historical data, Provide vision care knowledge and
glasses reference information, etc.
Net weight 299g
Packing size 200mm(L)*100mm(W)*65mm(H)


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