01. Visual Electro System FVE-01

Visual Electro System

Main functions:

Picture visual evoked potential

Flash visual evoked potential

Picture electro-retina gram

Flash electro-retina gram

Retina surge potential

Blinker flash evoked potential

Electro-Ocular Gram



Digital biological signal magnifier (1)

Desk full range program controlled flash stimulator (1)

Digital colour picture stimulator (1)

Special electrophysiological A/D card (1)

Special software for AVES-8000 (1set)

Picture control card (1 set)

Jet printer (1)

Blinker (1)

Electrode (1 set)


Technical parameters:



Common mode rejection:≥120dB

Input impedance:≥100M12PF

Input short circuit noise: Vp-p≤2.0

Plus: 1-20k, 8 grades of programmed control

Frequency band: 0.1-500Hz   8 grades of programmed control


Picture stimulator

Stimulating colour: red, yellow, blue, green, and white

Mode of stimulation: chessboard grid, standing bar, matrix and banner.

Stimulating zone: A total of 12 modes including up/down, left/right, central, full

field, up, down, left, right top, left top, left bottom, right bottom.

Space frequency: 0.04, 0.09, 0.19, 0.38, 0.77, 1.55, 3.10

Dual Comparison: 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%


Flash stimulator

Stimulating light colour: Red, yellow, blue, green and white

Flash frequency: 0.2-30Hz

EOG stimulating source :15degree red light and audio prompt

Flash strength: cd*s/m²

6.325e4   1.125e-3   2.000e-3   3.556e-3   6.325e-3

1.125e-2   2.000e-2   3.556e-2   6.325e-2   1.125e-1

2.000e-1   3.556e-1   6.325e-1   1.125     2.000


Brightness of background light (cd/m²)

0.949, 1.687, 3.000, 5.335, 9.487, 16.870, 30.000



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