06. Fundus Camera FFC-F

Non-mydriatic fundus, CE

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FFC-F non-mydriatic fundus camera satisfies the need of ophthalmology daily outpatient and Retinal screening. It provides efficient and high-quality solution of fundus image and full of fundus images, so the equipment has a high cost performance. FFC-F fundus camera have the advantage in the same brand, which attributes to top-level pixel resolution, SLR imaging system and outstanding optical system.


Top-level pixel resolution offer clients incomparable experience in detail.

FFC-F-3 (1)
FFC-F fundus camera offers 18.0 megapixels image with outstanding optical system. Part of the photo will be ultimate clear as before after magnified, which is vital to minimal lesion.
External SLR imaging system get the clients acquiring clear photos easily.

FFC-F-3 (2)
FFC-F fundus camera adopt external SLR imaging system, which not only provide accurate color and wealthy details, but also upgrade the instrument will be more easier.
Combine the function of mydriatic fundus photography and non-mydriatic fundus photography.


FFC-F-3 (3)
FFC-F fundus camera have the function both of mydriatic fundus photography and non-mydriatic fundus photography. That totally satisfy the need of professional ophtalmic testing and retinal screening.
The interface is very brief and easy to use.

FFC-F-3 (4)
FFC-F fundus camera has simple appearance and abundant assisted imaging system. The person who never use the equipment can also easy to use because of double dot auxiliary focusing system.
Low flash shooting mode.

FFC-F-3 (5)
FFC-F fundus camera can also capture clear and bright picture on the condition of low flash shooting mode, which greatly increase the comfort of clients.


Types of photography :    Color,non-mydriatic color,Red Free
Retinal observation:         LCD
Angle of view:              45 ° max
Minimum pupil size:         Mydriatic: 5.1 mm or more Non-Mydriatic: 3.3 mm or more
Imaging device:              DSLR
Sensor:                          18.0 Megapixels
Diopter compensation:     ±20D
Working distance:            42 mm
Fixation target:                 LED green
Base movement:               60 mm front and back, 110 mm side to side, 30 mm up and down
Panning range:                 30 degrees to the right and left
Tilting range:                    15 degrees up, 10 degrees down
Electrical and Environmental
Power supply:                   AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Operating environment: Temperature: 10°C to 35°C Humidity: 30% RH to 80% RH


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