04. Trail Frame FTF-05

Full adjustable made of PC material.

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It is suitable for eyesight examination in spectacles shops, department of ophthalmology in hospitals, schools and enterprises.
Detailed Product Description:
1. Full adjustable made of PC material.
2. Degree that front lens rotates around optic axis inside lens frame: 360°.
3. Binocular PD: 48-80mm, 1mm step.
4. Monocular PD: 24-40mm, 1mm step.
5. Temple adjustment: 120-160mm.
6. Left dividing disc:135° ~ 0° ~120°
7. Right dividing disc:60° ~ 180° ~ 45°
8. Axial graduation increases along the lens frame axis counter clockwise, and the graduated distance is 5°.
9. Inner diameter of lens frame:32.5mm
10. Number of lens which can be inserted into left or right lens frame simultaneously: 4 pieces
11. Range of nose rest adjustment:  vertical adjustment range: 0 ~14mm
12. Maximum distance between left and right temple: 220mm
13. Weight: 72g
14. Volume: 27(L)x18.5(w)x5(H)cm

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