05. Trail Frame FTF-06

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1. Usages  
It is suitable for spectacles shops,department of ophthalmology in hospitals,shools and enterprises to measure eyesight.

Knobs fastened with screws
Back lens holders of round corners

Easily-shaped ear rests

Available for 5 pieces trial lenses to be inserted at each side

2. Main Technical Indexes  
A..Range of PD adjustments:
PD of both eyes: 50 ~ 80mm
left or right PD:25 ~ 40mm
Minimum graduated value:1mm
B.Dividing disc axial graduation:
Left dividing disc:135° ~ 0° ~ 140°
Right dividing disc:40° ~ 180° ~ 45°
3. Range of nose rest adjustment: 

      vertical adjustment range: 0 ~18mm
Lateral angle range: 0° ~ 360°

4. Maximum distance between left and right temple: 200mm  

5. Weight:61g  

FTF-06 -3

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