06. Auto Chart Vision FCP-06

stand is for optional


* Indicate the images immediately when turn on the screen.

* Software and information are retained when power is turned off.

* Update the software by SD card which behiind the monitor.

* It can link with our AV serives auto phoropter ( Model#: FVT-13,FVT-14)

* Four units can be operated at the same time without problem.


* Can be hung on the wall by a bracket.

* Can stand on ground by a support.

* Can be set on the table.

Working distance: 2~6.5 m ( 0.25/step )

The chart’s size can be calibrated automatically according to the working distance.

The best working distance is 3~6m ( Software are all developed by the team from Taiwan, No copy right issues.)


* Panel: 21.5″
* Pixel pitch: 0.24825 mm
* Max. brightness: 250cd/m2
* Max. contrast ratio: 1000 : 1
* Max. resolution: 1920 * 1080
* Input signal: RGB
* Sigal joint: 15 Pin D Pattern Plug
* Energy consumption: 17W
* Net weight: 3.92 kg
* Compatibility: PC / MAC
* Dimension: 150(D) * 540(W) * 385 (H) mm
* Screen power: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz

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