02. Auto Chart Projector FCP-02

An elegant and compact design,The FCP-02 can be accommodated in any area. It can be stood up, hung on a wall, placed on an Ophthalmic Unit.
Adopting remote control,converting tests at a distance, Clear and bright
The FCP-02 has high resolution power of line, 50lines/mm, so provides neat and clean graphics and a fast chart changing speed marking it easy for operators to use and comfortable for customers.
The FCP-02 with 22 charts including Red/Green and Polarizing filters are the new solution for Binocular balance test, Stereo test, Aniseikonia test, Fusion test.


Projection distance 1.5 to 6.0m
Projection enlargement rate 30 (at 5m distance projection)
Numbers of charts 30 charts
Mask change-over 1 frame / 0.03 sec.
Projection field 267mm×267mm (at 5m distance projection)
Tilting angle 10°each upwards and downwards from horizontal level
Light source 12V 50W (halogen lamps) ( LED lamp for optional)
Electricity AC 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
Automatically power off after 3 to 10minutes.
Dimensions 300(W)×240(D)×230(H)MM
Weight 6kgs
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