01. Auto Chart Projector FCP-01

The FCP-01 Auto Chart Projector provides improved sharp and clear image projection and fast chart rotation.
A cordless remote controller allows instant projection of the 33 test charts at a rate 0.03 seconds per frame.
In addition, the FCP-01 install with Led lamp which can save energy, lamp life-time much longer.


Refrcting distance2-6m
Projection magnification30x(in 5m refraction)
Numbers of charts33 charts
Chart change-over1 frame / 0.03 sec.
Number of masksopen 1,horizontal line 5,vertical line 6,single isolation 16,R and G1
Mask change-over1 frame / 0.03 sec.
Programe step2 type, Max. 30 steps available
Projection lamp6V 5W(LED lamp)
Automatic shut-offafter 5 minutes
ElectricityAC 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
Power consumption65VA
Dimension292*196*234 mm
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