07. Humphrey visual field analyser ( Perimeter) FFS-07

Projection Perimeter with software without computer, without printer For desktop computer only


China’s first full-field projection perimeter

Software and hardware design is fully in line with international standards.

Automated,user-friendly design,easier operation

Automatic pupil measurement, monitoring nd correction of eye position

3 minutes to complete the threshold perimetry

Report analysis is consistent with the international mainstream.

Should connect to PC, with software


 Device TypeIntegrated Type
 Stimulate point appearing wayOptical projection
Detection methodStatic perimetry
Detection range0-90 degree
Background lightYellow , white
Background brightnessWhite:31.5asb Yellow:315asb
Visual Target colorRed,blue,white
Visual Target Brightness0asb-10000asb
Vision Target interval time≥200ms(customizable,no limit)
Visual target holding time≥200ms(customizable,no limit)
Brightness level0-51db
Visual Target Size(Goldman)I Grade II Grade III Grade V Grade
Detection strategyFull-threshold, fast threshold, custom,Two notation, three notation, quantify defects
Threshold PolicyIntelligent dynamic, fast intelligent dynamic, age-related,

The threshold, a single strength

Threshold Test ModeCenter 10-2, Center 24-2, Center 30-2, Center 60-4, Nasal step, macula
Fixation monitoringDynamic real-time video monitoring, physiological blind spot monitoring,

Eye tracking curve, eye position offset alarm

Analysis SoftwareReliability analysis, analysis of a single vision, triple report analyzes
Report FigureValue, grayscale, the overall bias decibel chart,  The overall deviation probability map,

chart pattern deviation decibels, Pattern deviation probability plot, staring Figure

FFS-07 FFS-07 report

FFS-07 report 2FFS-07 report 3FFS-07 report 4FFS-07 report 5FFS-07 report 6FFS-07 report 7



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