07. PD Meter BRT-3

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The brand new Digital Pupillometer could measure PD, LD (cornea-lens distance) and PH, 3 functions in 1.


  • New added Function: PH (Pupil High)measurement
  • Most accurate all-digital records monocular/Binocular PD measurements Wide
  • LCD window displays
  • Life time LED bulb,energy consumption is reduced by 60%
  • Using the latest lens to reduce dispersion and deformation by 20%
  • Using a low power processor, the battery life increased by 40%
  • Cornea reflection light coincidence method is used.
  • 3 measurements are given digitally in a single super large LCD window: Right, PD, Left.
  • Measurements available for a single eye PD or for both eyes PD.
  • Measure PD of focusing-point distances: from 30cm to infinity.
  • Fully sealed unit prevents dust, oil and moisture damage



  • Data Range: Binocular PD 46~82mm
    Monocular PD 23~41mm
    PH 12~28mm
    LD 6~20mm
  • Distance Range: 30mm~infinity
  • Indication Error: <= 0.5mm
  • Rounding Error: <= 0.5mm
  • Asymmetric Error: <= 0.5mm
  • Power Supply: 3V DC (2-AA batteries)
  • Automatic power shut-off after operation is completed (about 2 minute).
  • Dimensions: 160(W)x220(L)x60(H )mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg
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