10. Auto Refractometer FRE-10

Keratometry and refractometer mode select: 1. Auto refractometer only 2. Auto refractomere with Keratometer

1. 7″ TFT LCD monitor
2. Bigger,better monitor and icon-display menu for easier operation and settings.
3. Motorized joystick
4. Amotorized oystick with auto tracing mode is adopted, so operation is easier. printer
5. Refactive measurement with Hexagon prism
6. With high quality of hexagon prism and highly sendtive CCD,it provides unmatched accuracy and reliability.
7. Auto forcus function
8. Just move, it will automatically focus the eye and get the value.

Refractometer Vertex distance 0mm, 12mm, 13,75mm
Sphere -20 ~ +20D (VD=12)  0.125D step
Cylinder  -8 ~ +8D 0.125D step
Axis 0~180°, 1°step
Cylinder form  -, +, ±
Pupil distance 45~85mm,1mm step
Minimum pupil size Φ2.0mm
Keratometry Radius of curvature 5.0~10mm ( increment:0.01mm)
Corneal power 33.75-67.50D( when corner equivalent refractive index is 1.337)
( increment selectable from 0.12,0.25D)
Corneal astigmatism 0.0~8.00D ( increment selectable from 0.12,0.25D)
Axis 1~180° (increment:1°)
Corneal diameter 2.0~14.0mm (increment:0.1mm)
Memory of data 10 measure value for each right and left eye
Other Chart Follow-up colorful fogging chart system
Display 7″ TFT LCD
Print Thermal printer
Power supply 100~240V,50/60HZ
Dimensions 284 x 514 x 465  mm
Weight 20KG


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