12. Portable vision screener / handheld vision screener (VS)

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1.Binocular diopter measurement

2.Pupil diameter measurement

3.Auto operation distance in 1 meter

4.Quick screening within 1 second

5.Portable and light in weight

6.Changeable and rechargea



Display screen Touch screenOperating modeBinocular measurement
Refractive detection  AutoWorking distance1M
Pupil diameter 5.0mm~8.0mm, ±1.0mmPupil distance  50mm~80mm, ±5.0mm
SphericalRange: -5.00D~+3.00D
Accuracy: ±0.5D
Cylindrical Range: -3.00D~0.00D
Accuracy: ±1.0D
Detection time5SAxisAxis Range: 1°~180°
Accuracy: ±10°
Fixation targetLights and soundsOthersApplicable for different screening patterns in infants,

children and adults.




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