01. Auto Lens Edger LE-600

Auto Optical Lens Edger

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  • With flat, bevel, and polishing functions

  • Auto Lens Edger is equipped with PC appropriative grinding wheel.

  • With flat, bevel, and polishing functions

  • Equipped with PC appropriative grinding wheel

  • It not only can process PC lens but also make grind the common plastic lens much faster

  • Installed advanced professional PC programmer to grind the PC lens better


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 Follow-up pressure Wheel Configuration Bevel Polishing Automatic Emendation Procedure
 It can increase the pressure automatically through the control of procedure during the start of the grinding which can ensure that no harm to the lens. Standard configuration of four wheels( Resin coarse grading wheel/ Glass coarse grinding wheel, V-flat edge/ sharp edges fine grinding wheel, flat resin edge/sharp edges polished wheels)It is added with bevel polishing function and more accurate bevel grinding. Automatic emendation of the lens size, initial zero proof reading during the start of grinding, obvious improvement of precision.


Direction of Diagram

  1. Lens Collect
  2. template foundation
  3. template clip
  4. water pipe
  5. sound-insulated cover
  6. protect cover
  7. control panel
  8. rough grinding wheel for plastic lens/ rough grinding wheel for glasses lens/ fine grinding wheel for beveled style, directional beveled style and flat style grinding
  9. adjustable level feet
  10. power plug
  11. power switch
  12. fuse
  13. plug for pump power ( foregoing water)
  14. water entrance ( foregoing water, back water)
  15. drain exit
  16. lens support
  17. arm-down of lens
  18. plug for pump power (back water)


LE-600-1 LE-600-4

Direction of Control Panel:

  1. V beveled graiding, flat style grinding, drecitional fine grinding
  2. resin leses/ glasses lens
  3. full-atuomatic operation cyecle, half-automatic operation cycle
  4. start key
  5. size display
  6. size adust ( + -)
  7. repairs
  8. left-moving
  9. right-moving
  10. replacement
  11. lens tighten switch
  12. lens loosen switch
  13. lens roation


    • The size of Diamond wheel: CR Wheel: 100*17 mm, Glass Wheel: 155*14 mm

    V Groove Wheel: 100*19 mm, Polishing wheel: 155*19 mm

    • Diameter of processed lenses: 22mm ~75mm.
    • The processing type:  pointy edges, platband, bevel polishing.
    • The lens material: CR, Glass, PC.
    • Range of adjustable measurement: -6.0mm~+6.0mm(0.05mm/step).
    • Dimension of figure: 530(L)×500(W)×400(H)mm.
    • Weight: 50KG.
    • Electric Voltage: 220V±10%/110V±10% 50HZ/60HZ.
    • Power: 500W.
    • a. Polishing wheel: used for polishing resin lenses
    • b. Rough grinding wheel: used for roughly grinding glass lens
    • c. Fine grinding wheel: used for bevelled style or flat style grinding
    • d. PC rough grinding Wheel: used for roughly grinding PC or resin lens
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