01. 3D Patternless Auto Lens Edger ADV-I+

3D patternless lens edger 1. 3D scan 2.with centering device function in the same machine 3.Can grind plastics, glass and PC



  1. Wide applicability:Scanning all types of spectacles frames, patterns or paddings(3D).
  2. Grinding wheel:Using diamond grinding wheels made in Germany,which is lasting and practical, speeding and polishing.
  3. Convenient operation: With English windows user interface,graphic combination let operation more simple convenient and easier.
  4. Function: Using high-precise distance measurement checking the outer and inner bend of lens, auto-grooving,smoothing polishing and safety beveling.
  5. Efficiency: Processing two spectacles at same time,which can improve the productivity.
  6. Safety: Self-checking system special to protect when error operation.
  7. Update: Machine software can be updated by connect computer,which guarantee machine in the leading position.


1. Easy to use, easy to maintain.

2. Fast scanning, easy to scan templates and samples.

3. The latest super-smooth professionals ground water film procedures.

4. Cost-effective, economical.

ADV edger configuration and options

Grinding wheel configuration and its functions




Glass rough grinding wheel

PC rough grinding wheel

Bevel and rimless finishing fine grinding wheels

Bevel and rimless finishing buffing wheels

Automatic press-sucking

Automatic slotting groove and safe-edging beveling

Graphic storage

bifocal lens making software

Graphic rotating and editing

Progressive Additional Lens editing

Software update


  • Self checking
  • Self compensation of lens
  • Scanning all kinds of lens, any ship of template or sample lens.
  • Automatically 3D scanning.
  • Automatically measurement of lens bending
  • Scanning of lens diameter:80mm to 19mm.



  • Standard operation interface for operator
  • Color LED
  • Control of screen contrast and color turn over
  • Rough edging :Glass or Rosin lens and PC lens
  • Finishing edging :control of shape(The top table bending beveling.
  • Most after depend table bending beveling ,one half beveling, beveling of base bending
  • According to the lens frame, rimless, polishing , safety beveling, grooving.
  • Display of graph number.
  • Acetabular of optical center.
  • Automatically blocking.
  • Accurate precision with acetabular pad.
  • Input accuracy of PD or pupil height(0.1mm)
  • PD : Horizontal millimetric decentration, monocular pupil distance, binocular pupil distance.
  • Pupil height:Difference of pupil height, boxing mode of pupil height, Mix mode of pupil height.


  • The machine can distinguish the input value automatically.
  • Suitable to process single lens , bifocal lens, progressive lens.
  • Set up different size of chuck according to the lens.


  • Self inspection.
  • 3D Lens , 3D detection.


  • Rough edging of glass lens all rosin lens or PC lens
  • Finishing edging of bevelling /rimless
  • Polishing of bevelling /rimless
  • Self control of chuckpressure
  • Control of edging pressure according to lens type
  • Safty bevelling
  • Storage graph:300
  • Convenient to hold water
  • Diameter of processign lens . MAS:80MM, Minimum for bevelling :19.9mm
  • Drain pipe diameter:100mm
  • Water pressure:4-7pa


  • Outline dimensions: Length:660mm Width: 620mmm
  • Hesight (cover closed):430mm
  • Hesight (cover open):520mm
  • Weight:78kgs
  • Power supply: 220V/50hz, 110V/60HZ
  • Power consumption:1000w
  • Ambient Temperature :15°C-40°C
  • Max Water Pressure :7 bars
  • Max Pump Pressure:7 bars
  • Pump Section Outlet:Supply voltage:110V/220V
  • Power available: 350W
  • Function Parameters:
    Min Grinding Diameters: 20mm
    Max Grinding Diameters:80 mm
    Max Grinding Height in bevel:19.5 mm
    Max Polishing Height in glass:17.75mm


    The software can be updated by computer.



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