05. Patternless Auto Lens Edger SJM-4002

Auto Patternless edger with the scanner! With extreme large color LCD ( the exact size of the lense itself can be displayed ) and user-friend interface



  1. Display mode: 256 color 8.4 LCD
  2. Water supply: Circulating pump
  3. Scan time: ≤20s per lens
  4. Accuracy: ±0.1mm


  1. It may make the lenses with automatic scanning and patternless design, and including the traditional lens that is made by using a template.
  2. With extreme large color LCD ( the exact size of the lenses itself can be displayed ) and user-friend interface. It can process the lenses of various material such as resin lens, polycarbonate lens, anti-refraction lens and acrylic lens, and glass lens, and the corresponding auxiliary grinding wheel is provided.
  3. The traditional method for making templates can be used for processing the special frame.
  4. It can calculate and display the size of the unprocessed lens necessary for processing the lens. It has multiple design/display modes to satisfy and requirement.
  5. With standard design mode : it displays the frame and optical center.
  6. With the design mode of bifocal lens: this design is applicable for the bifocal lens.
  7. PD design/top-point design: it is applicable for manufacturing and designing the progressive lens.



  1. Cutting Lenses : Glass lens,Resin lens,Polycarbonate lens
  2. Function: Grooving,polishing,and beveling
  3. Display mode: 256 color 8.4 LCD
  4. Flat edge: Φ18 (extreme small)- Φ80
  5. Sharp edge: Φ20mm (extreme small)- Φ80mm
  6. Radius for the smallest signal rim of the shortest axis of the frame: ≥Φ10mm
  7. Radius for the largest signal rim of the shortest axis of the frame: ≤Φ25
  8. Scan time:≤20s per lens
  9. Accuracy:±0.1mm
  10. Grinding wheel diameter:Φ100mm
  11. Water supply: Circulating pump
  12. Clamping force : 0.50~0.78 mega pascal
  13. Griding diameter : Φ18~Φ75(mm)
  14. Fineness of ground side : B≤ VIIgrade(The highest domestically)
  15. Shaping degree of ground side : Face 96%;Appearance99%(amendable freely)
  16. Operation noise : ≤ 60DB
  17. Maximum operation linear velocity of grinding wheel : 15m/s
  18. Diameter arrangement of grinding wheel : Φ100mm~Φ125mm
  19. Width of grinding wheel group : 60mm~100mm
  20. Grinding wheels for PC : Φ101mm×16mm
  21. Grinding wheels for glass : Φ101mm×15mm
  22. Grinding wheels for V-molding and re-beveling : Φ101mm×21mm
  23. Grinding wheels for polishing : Φ101mm×11mm
  24. Voltage : AC110v∼240v 50/60Hz, 12V/5V two plug & four hole line
  25. Dimension of Auto Edger : 490mm×460mm×620mm, 48kgs
  26. Dimension of Scanner : 245mm x 460mm x 620mm, 16kgs



  1. Screening and grinding is finished together once without need for platen.
  2. It has double functions with platen and without platen.
  3. It has large size of liquid crystal screen for English and Chiese display, easy to operate.
  4. Parameter such as pupil is distance, height,axial plsition and etc.are amendable with unnecessary to locate center manually.
  5. The minimum diameter of lens blank can be displayed.
  6. Any functions of platen machine are kept.
  7. 3F-grinding pressure is stepless.
  8. Grinding time for one lens 3 minutes.
  9. Operation life of main grinding wheel 3 10000 lenses(Hardness below 5 level).
  10. Build-in counter and display function.

Characteristics of system and main part :

  1. Automatic tracked grinding system is adopted to insure the best pressure angle, axial force and radial force.
  2. Diamond wheel at international level is made of imported materials and new 5+1 process.
  3. Digital smart computer is adopted for controlling geometrical size of lens and amending its geometrical shape.
  4. Parameters such as sharp side type, grinding force and speed,clamping force and etc are adjustable freely for insuring lens quality.
  5. Potential technical space for improving performance and expanding function is reserved is order to add special functions.


Direction of Diagram:

No.DescriptionFunction description
1Size probeControls the grinder rotating clockwise or counterclockwise
2Pressure adjusting handleAdjusts the grinding pressure with this handle
3Grinding carriageClamps and releases the lens; it moves up/down or left/right according to order
4Lens shaftPositions the lens
5Emery grinding wheel groupLens grinding and edge trimming
6Water pipeConnects pump and provides cooling water to this machine
7PumpProvides cooling water
8Water tankStores the recyclable cooling water
9Filtering pouchFilters the admixtures in cooling water
10Drainage pipeReceives the water drained from this machine and transports it into the water tank

Spare Parts Info:


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