04. Patternless Auto Lens Edger FE-600

Patternless Auto Lens Edger

FE-600 FE-600-1

Product Description

Tracing system:

  • Integrating the optical scanning and center finding.
  • Accurately getting the size and shape of sample lens only needs 3 seconds.
  • Real-time image, leading and confirming if the lens arrived the most appropriate centric positioin
  • Automatically avoid the effect of lens degree, prism and artificial parallax
  • HR800*600, 8” color touch screen.
  • Simultaneously connect 2pcs FE-600 Auto edgers to build a machining center.
  • Easy operation ,low breakdown rate and quick service.

Edging system:

  • A variety of material of lens can be processed , rapid edging to be molding.
  • Bevel or platband can be polished.
  • Various grinding pressure meet the demands of different lenses.
  • On-line function.

Specification :

  • FE-600 Auto edger,
  • Dimesiion:65*45*47cm
  • Weight:59KG
  • Power supply:AC220v/50hz ,or 110V 60HZ
  • Max power :800W


Tracer center:

  • Dimesion:30*25*35cm
  • Weight 7.7kg.
  • Power supply:AC230V/115V, 50*60Hz.
  • Power 30W.
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