01. Auto Lens Groover FLG-02

Auto Lens Groover , stainless steel parts, stainless steel panel with groove, DC motor, imported diamond wheel.

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For processing half-frame glasses and rimless-frame glasses’s
center curve, front curve and rear curve.

Detailed Product Description:

1. FLG-2 made of stainless steel parts, stainless steel panel with groove, DC motor, imported diamond wheel.

2. Clip lens head automatic clamping lens,and precise control, you can try to ensure the accuracy of slots.

3. Suitable for PC,plastic,glass lenses.

4. Adjustable groove position: front,Center,& rear.

5. Adjustable groove depth: from 0 to 0.7mm.

6. Groove width: 0.65mm.

7. Lens thickness: from 1.5 to 11mm.

8. Lens diameter: from 18 to 70mm.


Electric Voltage: 220V/50Hz  or  110V/60Hz

Power: 80W

Weight: 3kg

Volume: 29.5(L) x 25(w) x 19(H)cm


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