02. Corneal Topographer CT-6

Corneal Topographer

Clinical application in diagnosis of corneal astigmatism,

quantitatively analysis the corneal shape and show the corneal diopter by data or different color such as axial curvature figure,corneal power figure,instantaneous curvature figure,and height graph.It can guide data of wearing corneal contact lens and improve the accuracy of contact lens adapter.


  1.  Placido cone
  2.  Auto/Manual Measurement Mode
  3.  Display Multi-format Maps
  4.  Large Patient Database
  5.  Easy Database Operation
  6. General Corneal Shape Paremeters

Measuring method Placido cone
Measuring curvature radius 5.5mm-10.0mm
Coverage 9mm
Diopter Range 33.75D~ 61.36D
Placido Rings 29
Measurement points 10440
Precision ±0.03mm

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