03. Beam Splitter ( Topcon Type) with Digital Camera Adaptor for Slit Lamp

Available for Topcon SL-D series, Reichert Xcel 455, Keeler Symphony K series slit lamp.






Beam Splitter  (Topcon Type)

Available for Topcon SL-D series, Reichert Xcel 455, Keeler Symphony K series slit lamp.

The beam splitter is used to split the light into digital camera. The beam splitter transmits 70% ligh to the camera and 30% to the eyepieces.






Digital Camera Adaptor (Canon DSLR)


The digital camera adaptor is used to connect slit lamps with Canon DSLR cameras. It has aperture and focus adjustment rings.












Foot Switch
Note: If a basic type of slit lamp is upgraded,  we suggest you to order a foot switch to work together.




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