07. Auto Vision Tester FVT-13


Convenient automation system.

Through liquid crystal keyboard connecting with lamp house, chart projector, refractometer, etc,

which realizes the date transmission of automation and management of client information.

Available to connect with chart projector FCP-16, refractometer FRE-11 & FRE-12.

(A)Measuring range:
(1)SPH:0D~-19D(-0.25D) +0.25D~16.5D(+0.25D)
(3)Axis: 0~180(10/50)
(4)P.D: 48~80MM(in 1mm steps)
(B)Auxiliary lenses:
(2)P.D check
(3)Pinhole plate(1mm)
(4)Polarizing: right eye 1350,left eye 450
(5)Red/Green Filters:(right eye:red,left eye:green)
(6)Maddox Rod:
Right eye red horizontal/vertical
Left eye white vertical/horizontal
(7)Dissolution prism:
Right eye: 6△B/U
Left eye: 10△B/I
(8)Fixed cross cylinder: ±0.5D
(9)Retinoscope: +1.5D
(C)Auto Cross Cylinder lens: ±0.25D

(D)Rotary Prism:0△~20△(in 0.5△steps)

(E )Quick power selection:SPH/CYL/AXIS

(F)Double eyes balance test.

(G)Can select chart projector,LCD screen(with or without polarize)

(H)Can see polarizing(3D)

(I)Control system:Touch panel control


(K)Dimension and weight:
(1)Main body: 377(L)*306(W)*205(H)mm
(3)N.W: 5.3KG
(H)Power source: DC12V

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