08. Auto Vision Tester FVT-14

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This machine is divided into main body and keyboard. The main body contains fours parts. And for the keyboard, it haves two parts: the color LCD10″2 touch-controlled screen and the buttons. You can just press one button to start the test; it is really easy to operate. The machine also contains the memory system, it stores all the testing process you setup before, and then just press one key all will start and finish automatically. If you have any problems or questions on how to operate the machine, just press the HELP key, and then the machine will tell you how to go forward on the screen. It is simple and convenient, and everyone can use it.
(A)Measuring Range:
(1) SPH:  0.00D ~ -19.00D(-0.25D),+0.25D ~ +16.50D(+0.25D)
(2) CYL:  0.00D ~ -8.75D(-0.25D
(3) AXIS:  0°~ 180°(1°/ 5°)
(4) P.D:  48mm ~ 80mm
(B) Auxiliary Lenses:
(1) Occluder
(2) P.D check
(3) Pinhole Plate(1mm)
(4) Polarizing: right eye 135°,left eye 45°
(5) Red/Green Filters(right eye: red, left eye:green)
(6) Maddox Rod: Right eye red horizontal /vetical,Left eye white vetical/horizontal
(7) Dissolution prism: Right eye 6△B/U, Left eye 10△ B/I”
(8) Fixed Cross Cylinder±0.50D
(9) Retinoscope+1.50D keyboard
(C)Auto Cross Cylinder Lens:  ±0.25D
(D)Rotary Prism:  0△~20△(0.5△)
(E)Control System: Touch Panel Control
(F)Monitor:  LCD(10″2)
(G)Dimension And Weight:
(H)Power Source:  DC12V
(1) Main body: 110(W) ×480(D)×290(H) mm
Key body:  250(W) ×230(D)×210(H) mm
(2)Carton: Main Body: 250(W) × 530(D)×450(H)mm, Keyboard:310(W)× 310(D)×280(H)mm
(3)Main body N.W: 8.2KG G.W:11.7KG
(4)Keyboard  N.W: 2KG  G.W:3.0KG
(H) Power Source: DC 12V






It can work with most auto refractometer,  GRAND SEIKO 3100K, 2100& GRK01, CHAROPS CRK-700, SHIN-NIPPON 9001K, DONGYANG, HUVITZ MRK-3100, NIDEK AR-610 & 310A, CANNO R-F10, AXIS TSRK-1000 and so on.
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