12. Auto Chart Projector FCP-15

1.Using the new generation of optical system and using screw to focus,Makes focus more convenient and accurate.
2.Improving the electrical control mode,makes the visual target switching speed have further improved,at the same time,the more accurately and no more tremble.
3.Using the new generation of optical system,to solve the problem of fogging and dust accumulation is long time working condition.
4.A new design of the modern,fashionable apperance,new and fresh feeling.
5.With the support of data transmission,improve the optometry efficiency.
6. FCP-15 Auto Chart Projector is a precision optical instrument for accurate refraction.
It provides 30 different charts and 35 masks, with programmable remote control.
Duochrome test charts to check single and binocular vision, and polarized test charts to check binocular vision
and ocular muscle imbalance.


Projection distance1.5~7 m
Projection magnification30 x (at 5m)
Projection size330 X 270mm(at 5m)
Chart switching speed0.01~0.02S
Mask number1 open, 5 horizontal lines,8 vertical lines, 21 single letters, 1 red/green
Mask switching speedOne mask per 0.01~0.02S
Program2 sets programs, each program contains up to 30 steps
Lamp12V,50W Halogen Lamp OR 12V、10W(LED)
Power saving functionWill automatically stand by in 10 min
Power sourceAC 220V ,50Hz or 110V, 60Hz
Power consumption80 W
Net weight7.2kg
Standard accessoriesRemote control, Polarized metal screen, halogen lamp, polarized glasses, fuses(2), batteries(2)
Optional accessoriesFloor stand, wall bracket
  1. 3 Charts for optional, FCP-15 A, FCP-15B & FCP-15 C
  2. FCP-15A and FCP-15B can match auto phoropterFVT-12 

    FCP-15C can’t be connected with them.



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